Made Locally’s Content & Community Guidelines are expectations for how we interact with each other as an online community.  These guidelines refer to any interactions one might have on our website, especially company and product reviews.  Above all, we value respect, and want to create a community that is safe for all.  In order to meet that goal, it’s important for all members to feel like they are in a safe space that is populated by people with shared interests.

Made Locally is non-partisan.  We want to celebrate the products and businesses doing work in the United States.  We want to help everyone find products made in their local communities.   We believe our society and country are made stronger by supporting local business.

Our Guidelines:

  • Treat others as you would treat them in real life.
  • Be accepting towards other viewpoints and respectfully disagree when your opinions do not align.
  • Present yourself truthfully.
  • If you have a specific issue with a company, attempt to reach out to the company directly to resolve the issue before posting a review.

Do not:

  • Degrade anyone’s race, nationality, religion, political beliefs, gender, age, sexual orientation, or abilities. 
  • Use profanity.
  • Post about specific political parties, political candidates, or political theories.
  • Make defamatory remarks or false statements against others (including businesses).
  • Make personal attacks against or bully community members (including businesses).


  • We will take action when we see someone violating these guidelines.  Sometimes, we will issue a warning.  Other times, we will revoke certain privileges or accounts entirely.
  • If you see behavior that violates our guidelines, please email us at [email protected].

Your Agreement:

  • By activating a user account, you are considered to be in agreement with the community guidelines listed above.