Made Locally helps you find products made in the USA and your  local community. Co-founders Aaron Hill and Shawn Wilson created Made Locally due their difficulty in finding local products when shopping. Our hope is to build an online community that celebrates the talented artists, craftspeople, and business owners who live in our local communities.

Companies listed on our website must meet the following criteria:

  • Have the company’s headquarters in the United States.
  • Sell product(s) of which the principal assembly, manufacture, and/or processing occurs in the United States that results in a “substantial transformation” of the product.

A substantial transformation is a manufacturing process that results in a new and different product with a new name, character, and use that is different from that which existed before.

We love highlighting companies that have products entirely made in the USA.  We know this is difficult for certain industries (for example, ingredients only grown in other areas of the world). Many companies offer a product or two made in the USA, but don’t make every product locally. It’s up to you as the customer to check each product. We provide as much information as possible about how a product is made. This lets you as the customer make an informed decision. We also personally vet all of the companies listed. However, let us know if we post inaccurate information by accident and we will update the listing.

Made Locally is based in Austin, Texas.